Beware of fraudulent BTNX COVID-19 test kits sold elsewhere

Last Friday, Health Canada warned against the online sale of fraudulent BTNX COVID-19 test kits in Ontario.

The kits in question were sold by the manufacturer Health Advance and distributed by Healthful Plus. The boxes were knock-offs of legitimate BTNX Inc products. They were similar in color and typeface. They even used the same device ID "COV-19C25". The content, however, included quick tests and accessories from different brands. The image circled in red shows the counterfeit tests.

How do you know if your rapid response test kit is the real thing?

1- Buy from a authorized medical distributor.

2- Check the seal. Each box must be sealed with a blue QC inspection sticker.

3 - Check the content. An authentic kit will include test cassettes, tube rack, test buffer, swabs, procedure card, extraction tubes, nozzle filters, and BTNX package insert. The lot number and expiration date on the cassette pouch should match the lot number and expiration date on the box. Lot numbers begin with the letter "I".

MedSec Inc wishes to assure the public that the test kits sold on have been purchased from a reputable medical distributor that has direct contact with BTNX Inc.

The rapid tests on sale with free express shipping are always available. Buy with confidence from our secure online store.

If you think you have a counterfeit kit, do not use it and dispose of it in household trash. The safety and effectiveness of these counterfeit kits have not been evaluated by Health Canada.

Report suspected counterfeit medical devices to Health Canada. You may also report suspected counterfeit BTNX test kits to BTNX Inc. by calling toll-free at 1-888-339-9964, or emailing with the subject line “Suspected Counterfeit BTNX Tests”.

Thank you for your constant trust and vigilance.

Counterfeit COVID-19 antigen rapid test kits found in Ontario -
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