How to recycle disposable masks and gloves?

The pandemic has highlighted the problem of waste from disposable medical products when suddenly it was not only medical personnel but also the general population who were using them.  

MedSec is aware of its environmental impact. It is strongly recommended to recycle disposable medical products with one of these recycling centers in order to rreduce our ecological footprint and the number of items sent to the dump. 

The masks and gloves collected will be treated with UV rays and transformed into convertible materials by a specialized company. These materials will then be used to manufacture new objects. 

All MedSec brand products are eligible. These recycling centers accept nitrile, vinyl, latex gloves and procedural masks made of polypropylene.

Choose a recycling box. When it is full, return it to the center to recycle. 

1. Go Zero Recycle
This service includes several free pickup locations.

2. Terracycle
This service offers some plans with free shipping.

By taking this green gesture, you can breathe easier knowing that products will be recycled and local jobs will be created.

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