Troubleshooting Guide for Medical Gloves

Have you encountered a problem? We can guide you to the solution. 

We recommend consulting our selection guide before purchasing in order to choose the glove best suited for you. Please follow the instructions for use after purchase as well. 

Troubleshooting table

Problem Probable cause Solution
Tears and punctures Gloves too thin or material not suitable for the task. Remove jewelry.

Try thicker gloves. For example, going from 3 mil to 5 mil thick. Try another material. For example, switching from vinyl to nitrile.

Medical gloves do not protect against cuts.

Pinching of the skin, excessive hand sweating, excessive stretching of the material and limited dexterity.

Your gloves are too tight.

Try a larger glove size.

Rash, itch.

Latex allergy.

Dry hands.

Try nitrile or vinyl if you suspect an allergy. An antihistamine may give you relief in this case. Contact your doctor.

Consider applying an oil-free, perfume-free moisturizer on your hands at the end of the day.

Gripping difficulty, gloves that come off.

Your gloves are too loose.

Try gloves one size smaller.

Try more fitted gloves such as latex or nitrile. 

Order gloves with textured fingers for better dexterity.

Fatigue and ailments Your gloves are too heavy Try lighter gloves. Limit repetitive movements. Check if your workstation is ergonomic.

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