Troubleshooting guide for procedural masks

Have you encountered a problem? We can guide you to the solution. 

It is advisable to consult our selection guide before purchase in order to choose the mask best suited to your situation. Please follow the instructions for use after purchase as well. 

Troubleshooting table

Problem Causes Solution
Fog on your glasses A mask not fitted enough, even with the nasal bridge molded around the nose. Consider these tips: 1- Wash your glasses with soap. 2- Wear the glasses on the mask. 3- Layer the mask with a cotton mask that is more fitted to the face.

If that doesn't work, try masks with anti-fog foam or N95 respirators which are designed to provide a better seal.
Warmth and breathability Medical masks filter a lot and are not very breathable as a result.

Depending on the task and your risk of being exposed, you may be able to use a lower level mask. 

It is not recommended to exercise with a mask.

Dispose of a humid mask and put on a new one.

Gaps on the sides

Mask too large

Never criss-cross the ear loops.

Tie a knot in the ear loop at the back of the ear so that the loop is smaller and tighter. 

Consider using a mask fitter or brace to make the mask fit snugly on the face.

Mask does not cover your chin / beard Mask too small

Try a mask with larger dimensions.

Facial hair growth can interfere with the effectiveness of masks. For the N95, see the styles recommended by the CDC.

Sore ears Mask too tight

Consider this trick: Thread a lace through the ear loops and tie it behind your head.

Try surgical masks that attach to the back of the head.

See skin irritations below.

Rashes and Skin Irritations Masks can trap oils, irritants and allergens against the skin

Change your mask frequently. Avoid wearing makeup under the mask.

Consider hydrating your skin before wearing the mask.

A 1% hydrocortisone cream may give you relief. Contact a dermatologist.

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