How to use a mask safely?

Face masks are designed to provide a barrier between your airways and the outside world. Whether you are vaccinated or not, asymptomatic or not, it is recommended to wear the mask to slow down the transmission of pathogens. * A quality mask that is not worn well does not provide adequate protection.


Avoid wearing cotton masks with vents, masks without a nose bridge, neck gaiters and other masks without filters because they do not protect well. 

Wear a quality mask when you are in a closed, crowded environment, or with poor ventilation such as public places, public transport, common areas of apartment buildingsWearing a visor or fitting a plexiglass cannot replace the mask in places where it is mandatory, in Quebec.

Always keep medical masks in an airtight bag or tupperware, in a clean, dry place at a temperature between 5 and 38 degrees celcius.

Wash your hands (with soap and water for 40-60 seconds, otherwise a disinfectant gel with at least 60% alcohol 20-30 seconds) before touching the mask. Check it is in good condition and the expiration date on the box.

Hold the ear loops between your thumb and forefinger. Note the white side. This is the inside of the mask. Note where the nose bridge is located. This is the top of the mask. Place the mask on your face making sure your nose, mouth and chin are covered. Wear the ear loops around your ears. Mold the nasal strip to conform to the shape of your nose. 

There should be no spaces between the nose and the mask, between your chin and the mask, and between your cheek and the mask. You can wear two masks (the mask above can be cotton *) to get a better seal, if the second mask suits your face shape better. *Wash your non-medical cloth masks with soap and water regularly.

Clean your hands if you touch / readjust the mask or your face. Avoid touching your eyes.

Medical masks are for single use only. Discard a soiled, wet, or damaged medical mask immediately.

Wash your hands before and after removing your mask. To remove your mask, lean forward, remove the mask by the ear loops, taking care not to touch the front of the mask. Dispose of the mask.

Medical masks should be thrown in the trash. Never put in the blue bin or in the toilet. Some recycling programs dedicated to the collection of medical equipment exist. You can subscribe by going to their website.

* Always follow the instructions for use and storage approved by Health Canada that come with the product as well as the recommendations of the WHO and the governments of Canada and Quebec regarding the coronavirus. 

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