Why choose medical grade gloves?

You can find gloves on the market that are industrial, food or medical grade. What sets them apart? The manufacturing process and certification of gloves differs.

Here are the 4 main advantages of medical gloves:

1-Followed by Health Canada. All medical gloves must be registered and sold by a licensed company. If there is ever a product recall, you will be notified. MedSec sells only medical grade gloves. Our MDL license # (Class II): 105631, 106051, 106080.

This is all the more important since the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) no longer issues letters of acceptance for personal protective equipment that comes into direct contact with food since July 2014. MedSec guarantees that our gloves are safe and suitable for use in food service and. 

2- Better quality control. Medical gloves have an AQL of 1.5% vs. industrial gloves and food grade gloves that have an AQL of 4% or more (pinhole test). They have fewer flaws and breaches. 

3- Good resistance to punctures and abrasion. MedSec medical gloves (3-4mil) have a standard tensile strength> 14 MPa (ASTM D6319). The resistance of the gloves also depends on the material and thickness of the gloves. Nitrile gloves are stronger than vinyl gloves (breaking force> 6N vs 3.6N). Choose thicker (6-9 mil) nitrile gloves for more heavy duty applications such as manufacturing or mechanics.

4- Limited chemical resistance (tested against chemotherapy drugs and fentanyl citrate- ASTM D6978). They offer limited chemical protection by providing a physical barrier for brief contact with oils, fuels (gasoline and kerosene), some organic solvents, weak acids and weak caustics *. 3-5 mil nitrile gloves are more resistant to chemicals than latex gloves. Gloves should be removed and discarded afterthey have been contaminated.

MedSec sells gloves that conform to the standards: ASTM D6319, ASTM D6978 and EN 455-1 / 2/3. Medical grade nitrile gloves are ideal for all kinds of applications. In addition to health applications (surgery, laboratory, clean room, etc.): they can be used in food processing, beauty, household maintenance, garage, art (oil painting, tattooing) and many other uses. 

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* Not recommended for use with chemicals: alcohol-based, amines, hydrocarbons, ketones, ethers, esters and concentrated acids such (not limited to): acetone, benzene, dimethylformamide, ethanol, chloroform, phenol, methanol, betanol, toluene, formic acid, concentrated acetic acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, ammonium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid.
* Always follow your government's recommendations regarding occupational health and safety.