Why make powder-free medical gloves?

On the market you can find gloves with or without powder. The main use of cornstarch powder is to help you put on the gloves, reduce sweat and prevent the gloves from sticking together.

Health Canada has not banned powdered medical gloves but the FDA banned it in December 2016 citing a danger to patients: severe inflammation of the airways and hypersensitivity reactions. The powder particles can also trigger the body's immune response, causing tissue to form around the particles (granulomas) or scar tissue (adhesions) to form which can lead to surgical complications.

Powder is not necessary to easily put on the gloves. You just need to have clean, dry hands and the correct size glove.

At MedSec we have chosen not to manufacture powdered gloves. Feel comfortable putting on our gloves. Your health is important to us.

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