Why latex-free gloves?

Latex is a natural rubber valued for its durability and flexibility. It is used to manufacture rubber gloves, disposable latex gloves, some inflatable balloons, etc.

This material can cause minor (dermatitis) to severe allergic reactions (anaphylactic) by physical contact or simply by particles in the air. Between 1-5% of the general population has a latex allergy. However, some people are more likely to have a reaction. The risk of developing a reaction increases the longer a person is exposed to the material through multiple surgeries, catheters, gloves and the like. Between 8-10% of healthcare professionals show symptoms of latex allergy. * Moreover, between 10% -73% of those with Spina Bifida also have reactions to latex. *

The production and sale of latex gloves has been declining since the 1990s with the arrival of other hypoallergenic materials, such as nitrile.

At MedSec we have made the conscious choice to manufacture only latex-free gloves for our range of MedSec brand medical gloves. Be comfortable donning them at work and serving your patients.


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