What is graphene? Why is this dangerous?

In April 2021, Health Canada recalled several masks containing graphene or graphene biomass. Their immediate withdrawal from the market has been requested due to the danger of inhaling particles for those who wear them. 

Graphene is a substance which could cause early lung toxicity in animals (inflammation) according to a preliminary study. As a precaution, Health Canada has banned the distribution and sale of masks containing graphene until further assessment can be conducted with each manufacturer that determines they do not pose a hazard to humans.

Rest assured that all MedSec brand masks do not contain graphene. We select only the best materials for our ASTM level 1,2,3 masks. The 3 layers are composed of hypoallergenic non-woven material and Polypropylene blown membrane that effectively filters particles, bacteria and synthetic blood (splash) to varying degrees of performance.

You can feel very comfortable providing these masks to your family, colleagues and friends. 

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