1. Why do some products have a minimum order quantity?

MedSec products have no minimum purchase. The products of other brands may have minimum purchase because we do not always have these items in our warehouse. For example, all Aurelia brand products have a minimum order of 10 cases. The order can be mixed (different sizes and different gloves). 

2.Are your products recalled by Health Canada?

None of our products have been subject to a recall by Health Canada. The rapid tests for sale on the site were procured from a reputable licensed medical distributor who is not part of Health Canada's investigation of counterfeit tests found in Ontario. 

3. Do you offer international delivery?

Delivery in Canada only. 

4. How to avoid the shipping costs?

Local pickup at the Boucherville warehouse is free. We offer free local delivery (up to 30km from Boucherville) on orders of $300 and more before taxes. For the rest of Canada, shipping is free on orders of $500 or more before taxes.*All large orders are requested to go through sales@medsecare.com. Some freight charges may apply.

5. Do you have a traditional type store?

Our warehouse in Boucherville is not a store. We will make an appointment with you so that you can pick up your pre-paid order. 

6. Can you load the merchandise in my vehicle?

An agent can help you load the cargo into your car if it is large or heavy.

7. If we buy more can we save more money?

For volume discounts when purchasing one or more palettes, contact sales@medsecare.com.

8. Can we become a reseller of your products?

It will be our pleasure to offer you resale prices. Distributors are requested to write sales@medsecare.com. Samples available for evaluation. 

9. When will we receive the invoice?

To obtain a copy of your invoice for accounting purposes, please write to us at info@medsecare.com. 

10. Do you offer other products?

We are adding products to the online store catalog gradually. What is available on the site does not represent our full inventory. If your product is not listed here, email us for a free quote.

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