MedSec : boîte de masques procéduraux ASTM F2100 Niveau 1, bleu, 3 plis, boucles auriculaires,, 50 par bôite
vu du dessus de la boite
vu du dessous de la boite
llustration et instructions d'utilisation des masques
Tableau des résultats de tests déterminant la conformité à la norme ASTM F2100 niveau 1
Masques ASTM - Niveau 1 bleu (caisse de 1000)
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ASTM masks - Level 1 blue (case of 1000)

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They are designed for those who have a low risk of being exposed to splatter or aerosols. Applications: office work, patient examinations, operative cleaning, torthodontic repairs, x-rays, etc. This mask is the more breathable of the 3 levels.

50 masks per box / 20 boxes per case

Without graphene, latex free

Material: non-woven, blown polypropylene membrane (3 ply). Includes adjustable nose band.

Dimensions: 17.5 x 9.5cm 

In accordance with ASTM F2100-19 Level 1: Bacteria filtration efficiency ≥95%, particle filtration efficiency ≥ 95%, differential pressure mm H2O / cm2<5.0, Class 1 flammability rating, resistance to synthetic blood penetration: 80 mmHg. 

Health Canada license: MDEL # 15856

We sell the masks without taxes (GST and QST) in accordance with the tax relief measures announced by the Government of Canada (Nov 30, 2020) and the Government of Quebec (Dec 1, 2020).

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