Tests rapides COVID-19 par prélèvement nasale (trousse de 25)
boite et pieces de la trousse de tests rapides Rapid Response (25 tests)
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Rapid COVID-19 tests by nasal swab (kit of 25)

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Kit of 25 COVID-19 Antigen tests per case. 

For the direct and qualitative detection of viral SARS-CoV-2 nucleoprotetic antigens. For in vitro diagnostic use only. The manufacturer believes that the test should detect the Omicron variant.

This test provides a result in 15 minutes. It is useful for quickly identifying infected people in the event of an outbreak, for example.

However, this test can give false positive results in people who are not infected. This is why people who obtain a positive result in a rapid antigenic test must have their result confirmed by a laboratory test (NAAT) or at a screening center (CDD).

How to use the test: How to take the test at home? - Youtube

Manufacturer: BTNX Inc.

Brand: Rapid Response

Approved by Health Canada.